Application Management and Consulting Services.

When you partner with Lawgistics you don’t just get an App. You get everything from application strategy and planning to implementation, management, and support. That’s because we believe that effective software doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It needs to be seamlessly integrated with your business.

At Lawgistics, we help you identify the right solution for your needs, and we deploy and manage it for you, end-to-end. This experience has led us to a deep understanding of how and what makes a software successful. We provide Application Consulting for:

  • Timekeeping, Billing & Accounting
  • Document Management systems
  • Digital Dictation systems
  • Document Automation systems
  • Case Management systems
  • Cost Recovering systems
  • Litigation Support solutions
  • Paperless solutions

Here’s how Lawgistics will put you in a position to prosper:

  • We will help you choose reliable systems with the right features to increase your firm’s productivity and reduce unnecessary overhead
  • We will switch or implement new applications for you as new requirements arise
  • We make certain that your software is properly integrated for dependability.
  • We provide training, advice, and guidance to our clients so they may best use the tools they have

Get the competitive edge you have always sought with Application Consulting from Lawgistics today.

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Why top law firms everywhere count on Lawgistics.
Lawgistics isn’t your typical IT provider; our service isn’t “typical,” and we don’t hire people who are “typical.” We expect everyone on our team to always deliver service that results in a “WOW!”
Lawgistics gives your staff, the power to collaborate wherever they are, making your business more efficient, and enhancing your everyday work processes.
Our priority is to cater to your individual needs, which is why we create IT solutions tailored to your budget and requirements. Our team of highly trained technical experts and consultants fits effortlessly into the workings of your business, for a smooth transition to more functional IT solutions.
Our clients tend to be top law firms in their respective fields, and they appreciate a technology firm that takes the same care in supporting their technology systems as they do in servicing their law clients. Our daily aspiration is to meet that standard.
You’ll never again have to worry about the management or maintenance of essential IT equipment that keeps your systems running smoothly. So with less time worrying, you can now focus solely on your business and plan for future success.
Lawgistics provides the best technology to defend your business, and the brightest minds to back it up.

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We closed more deals in one month than we did the entire previous 3 years! The training and guidance we received made all the difference. We continue to break sales records.

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The personal attention to our business has been nothing short of amazing. We have been able to build a sales team that delivers results. Without their team, we'd still be wasting time and money on systems that do not work.

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I started with from scratch and enlisted MSP Sales Pros to help with my brand, marketing strategy, and sales efforts. With 60 days we had our first client that generated over $7000 per month in revenue.

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